House Sparrow’s Frequently Asked Questions

How does a clearance work?

You contact us and we provide a detailed quotation. We will arrange a date and time for clearance and we will arrive precisely at that time as arranged. We assess the clearance and contact you to inform you of any obvious valuable items and that we are starting.

We will clear your property as agreed, and then contact you again by video call for confirm your complete satisfaction. If required, we will offer written or photographic proof that your property has been recycled or disposed with professionally.

What size vans do you use?

We use 1.5 tonnes box and Luton vans. They are totally boxed and fully insured for removals. We ensure all of your property is properly stored on every van.

Are you a licenced waste carrier?

Yes – Our Licence number is CBDU282669

Am I able to email photos of houses to be cleared?

Yes of course!! We offer a standard quotation on our prices page, but if there are any more or less items to remove, we can adjust our quotation.

Do you buy any items?

No, we are strictly a house clearance company. We feel that offering prices on valuable items can be insensitive and possibly upsetting, particularly if it is a stressful time for clients. If you have items you wish to sell on, we can advise you of local, trustworthy contacts.

What areas do you cover?

We are based in West Cornwall but besides our local area, we cover Cornwall and Devon. We have lots of regular clients who trust us implicitly, who use us to cover the rest of the UK and Europe from time to time.

Which days do you work?

We work Monday to Friday as a general rule. We are aware that customers’ neighbours could be inconvenienced with weekend clearances.

Do you clean a property after a house clearance?

Yes – we provide a general cleaning service as standard. This includes, carpets vacuumed, floors swept and mopped. All surfaces cleaned including worktops, skirting boards, kitchens and bathrooms. We offer further services on your vacant property after we have completed clearance – please see our services page.

We ensure property is totally secure before we leave.

Do I need to be present on day of clearance?

No, we can collect keys from you, or from relatives, estate agents, solicitors or even a neighbour. We ensure keys are handed back promptly after clearances. We must have alarm codes before we enter the property.

Do you clear fixtures and fittings?

No, unless we have been specifically requested to do so. We will never remove, curtains, ceiling lights, carpets, flooring, doors, kitchen units, or built in wardrobes.

We will clear fridges, dishwashers and washing machines, but they must be able to be safely disconnected. If not, a plumber will have to be called, which will unfortunately result in an extra charge.

What happens if you find valuables?

We immediately contact you to inform you and take detailed photographic evidence. We will forward these items to you securely without delay.

What happens to items that are cleared?

We endeavour to recycle and upcycle all cleared items through a network of charity shops and institutions. Once the items have left your property they immediately become our responsibility and under our ownership. This gives you piece of mind that everything will be disposed of professionally.

Some less scrupulous companies operate a different system where, if your items ending up fly-tipped, all penalties, costs and fines come back to the householder. With House Sparrow, you have peace of mind.

Can I get items back?

In most cases no, but we will endeavour to try and reclaim anything that you don’t want recycled.

What are your payment terms?

Our terms are strictly payment with order. Cleared payment must be in our hands 24 hours before a clearance is undertaken. For our weekly services , we must have all payments in our hands before we can carry our services. Weekly and monthly payment plans must be agreed in advance.

Can you refuse to do a clearance once instructed?

Only in exceptional circumstances. If we have agreed a fee for clearance we may have to add charges once we arrive at a property. This will be in circumstances such as signs of hording, blocked or no access to property, or unusual undisclosed large items to be removed (such as pianos or heavy equipment).

We will contact you on the day about this, but we do hold the right to refuse to carry out work if an agreement cannot be found. In such cases all pre-paid invoices will be immediately…???